Research Areas: Martin Head-Gordon Lab

Invited Lectures

  1. M. Head-Gordon. Philipps-Universität Marburg. November 7, 2017. “Variational energy decomposition analysis for understanding chemical bonds and non-bonded interactions”
  2. M. Head-Gordon. The Greater Boston Area Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series: Harvard, MIT and BU, Boston, Massachusetts. March 1, 2017. “New developments in density functional theory for calculating and analyzing intra and intermolecular interactions”
  3. M. Head-Gordon. Lecture at the 32nd Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry: Current Trends in Electronic Structure Theory Methods. Helsinki, Finland. December 12-15, 2016. “Some New Developments in Energy Decomposition Analysis”
  4. M. Head-Gordon. Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry 2016 (TACC
    2016). Seattle, Washington. August 28 – September 2, 2016. “Some Advances in Energy Decomposition Analysis of Electronic Structure Calculations”
  5. M. Head-Gordon. Solvay workshop on Conceptual quantum chemistry: Present aspects and challenges for the future, Free University of Brussels. Brussels, Belgium. April 4-8, 2016. “Some advances in energy decomposition analysis: 4 short stories”
  6. M. Head-Gordon. CECAM workshop on Beyond point charges: Novel electrostatic
    developments in force fields. Lausanne, Switzerland. April 4-7, 2016. “Density functional theory for non-covalent interactions: 4 short stories”
  7. M. Head-Gordon. Symposium on Synergistic Relationships between Computational Chemistry and Experiment, Pacifichem 2015. Honolulu, Hawaii. December 15-20, 2015. “New and improved energy decomposition analysis: Well-defined physical
    contributions to intermolecular interactions from density functional theory